Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Night

We went to Jake’s scout fundraiser on Saturday night.  It was a tag sale and auction.  We ended up with a craft tool set, a coupon for a “wicked-good” hairdo (I figure Bri needs one for her 8th grade dinner and dance), a brand new Lands End coat for $30 (thank you very much – I can’t believe that no one bid me up), 90 minutes of face painting, 90 minutes of balloon tying, a brake replacement, a photography sitting, a Thai food cooking lesson in our house, ski goggles ($2) and a PackMan game thing (also $2).  We pretty much scored.  

Jake’s two big disappointments of the night were that I was outbid on the “go to a video game designer company get a tour and play games that haven’t even come out with three friends” and that I didn’t buy a console TV from the 80s.  

“Mom, you could put that in your room.”  He said.  “Then you wouldn’t have to watch TV downstairs.  You could just watch until you were tired then turn it off and . . .,” he pantomimed fall asleep.  I told him that if I wanted a TV in my room I’d have one.  “Mom, I’m begging you!”  He pleaded.  Surprisingly it didn’t sell.  And at the end of the night Jake pleaded for it again.  But I hardened my heart and refused.

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Eileen said...

That is quite the auction! What amazing stuff! I figured that Jared would have offered the Thai cooking lesson. But apparently you bought one?!?

You are quite generous! I wouldn't have gotten the old console TV either. We just gave away our 17 year old TV on the local classifieds. Someone snatched it up within 3 minutes! (Before I even told Mark that I listed it and not to be surprised if someone called about it. Whoops!)

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