Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is what happens when my children ignore me

Last Thursday I thought I heard the door shut.  I wondered if it was early release and called out Lizzy’s name several times.  I didn’t hear a response so I thought I was mistaken.  I decided that I better hurry to the library and return some books before Will’s bus dropped him off.  So, I left.  But not before calling out Lizzy’s name again.

I had a nagging feeling that it really was an early release so I called my friend Linda who informed me that yes, it was an early release day.  At this point I was very confused because Lizzy should have been home from school before I left for the library.

Lizzy answered the phone.  I asked her what she was doing – “homework,” she responded. 

“Did aliens replace you with a robot?”  I quizzed her.  “Why didn’t you answer me?”  

She had heard me calling her name but ignored me because she wanted to play a game.  I asked if she was scared that I left or if she even realized that I had.  She said that didn’t care and said “dad’s home.”  So, at this point I’m only unsure about how soon after I left my husband came home, at what point she would have found my presence desirable and did I walk right past her without noticing?

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