Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing In the New Year (in hindsight I’m really glad we didn’t go to First Night in Boston)

One of my husband’s friends came over last night but since their kids are young they left before 7:00.  I dropped off Bri at a slumber party and then things got really fun!  My husband and I played Agricola with Lizzy while Jake and Will watched videos on the computer.

Then Jake started puking.

We put the kids to bed and then played Agricola four more times.

Then we went to bed.

Then my husband started puking.

Then Lizzy puked.

Then we got up. 

I cancelled Jake’s party for today.

I decided to go pick up Bri before I started puking.

She told me that she puked at exactly 12:05am.

I stopped at the store for 7up and crackers.

I asked my husband if he wanted to play Agricola again but he said maybe later.

Neither I nor Will have puked yet.

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