Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I should have figured

Bri and Lizzy loved skiing!  Will and I hung out in the lodge.  Will was a pretty good sport even though I refused to buy him more than one serving of French fries.  He watched Wallace and Gromit while I read.  I dragged him out 15 minutes before the kids finished because I wanted to see them.

Lizzy’s skis kept falling off because she’s so little and she couldn’t hang on the rope pull.  I think she tried for 45 minutes to go up the hill before I got there.  She eventually walked up the hill and tried to put on her skis up there.  After ten minutes I walked up the hill to help.  I held Will’s hand and carried my purse and a big bag filled with DVDs, books, and a portable DVD player up the hill while wearing tennis shoes because that’s the kind of thing I do.  I helped Lizzy get her skis on and pointed her in the right direction.  Then Will and I ran down the hill.

Will was interested in the skis.  He tried to put them on his snow boots.  I’m going to ask one of his old therapists to give him a lesson because he might really enjoy it.  His friend Pete skis.  Possible play date?  No, probably not, as neither Marcy nor I ski and it would be too funny to have both of us chasing our sons down the hill.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of fun... I think my skiing days are over though. JD

Anonymous said...

If you do I want video

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