Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Newest Obsession

My newest obsession is the camera I bought with the gift card my husband got from his work. I bought a Cannon Digital Rebel XTI. I almost bought Rock Band but my sister mentioned that she'd buy a camera and I thought that was a great idea. (And there's $30 left on the card for my husband to spend, thus proving I can share!)

I've never owned an SLR, so I'm learning how to use it. I got a lesson from my sister-in-law who owns the same model and now I know about white balance but I still retain my amateur photographer status.

I really want to learn how to take good picture! On our way down Provo Canyon I stopped the car over and over to take pictures of the beautiful mountains. My poor kids got a little car sick but since I got a few good pictures it was worth it!

The problem I've discovered with my new hobby is that I already need to buy another lens and a couple of filters.

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