Friday, July 10, 2009

Life with Will

Every summer my family gets a glimpse into life with Will. He pulls out all their books, ignores them when they say hello, eats all the fruit in their house and occasionally wakes them up quite early in the morning.

William walks around touching peoples' chests and saying "My name is." He gets his aunts, uncles and cousins to read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back over and over.

Poor Jane wasn't completely prepared for him. She watched him while I took the other kids to a movie. "He wouldn't stop eating." She confided to me. "So, I took him for a walk so he wouldn't have access to the kitchen." (Sweet! I wonder if there's any possible way I could convince her to move next door to me in Massachusetts?)

Then while he was hanging out in her bathroom he dumped out a container of shampoo. And two days later he dumped out the replacement shampoo I bought for her. While we were at her church he started repeating, "Charlie, Steve, Danielle." I ignored that but when he stood up twice to applaud (naturally they sit on the second row) my husband removed him from the chapel.

Ahhh, Will.

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