Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July

Jake woke us up early so we could go watch the hot air balloons. But he was ready to leave five minutes after they took off. We drove him crazy by insisting on staying 20 minutes longer to watch them.

We had a family picnic that ended with a giant water fight. Although ... when I think about it many things end with a water fight at Jane's house. On Saturday when we irrigated their huge, circa 1800s garden we had a water fight which was slightly less fun then last year as Danielle was injured and could not participate (although she did push her dad in the ditch once). Lizzy surfed down the ditch on top of three sleds and Jake tried to squirt all his cousins with a squirt gun. This year I only got mildly wet as opposed to last when I was soaked after Charlie dunked me.

I guess they know how to have fun in the 1800s! Oh, and some people really like to shoot off illegal fireworks in Utah.

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