Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Raising Her Right

Elizabeth was playing around in my bedroom.  She had a plastic pirate sword in her hand.  “Mom,” she said, “I'd like to get better at sword fighting. When I get better can I get a sword for emergencies?  To use against zombies or orcs."

You will obviously want to hang with us during the zombie apocalypse.*

*Ok, well maybe not with Will because he and I will be eaten.  (I already told my husband that Will and I will leave the rest of the family to give them a better chance of survival.  He is after all as Eagle Scout with mad 1980s survival skills!)  But between Jacob who has thought a LOT about surviving a zombie apocalypse and Elizabeth’s plastic sword skills clearly they have a better than average chance of survival.  Unless they are World War Z zombies -- the ones from the movie not the book.  Because those zombies are fast!

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