Sunday, February 19, 2012

I picked a good week to miss church

… Or so my husband informed me when I returned home.  The ward choir was making its way up to stand when Will stood up to go with them.  Now it’s not entirely unreasonable for Will to go up with them because I’ve had him sit by me during choir practice.  Since Will LOVES music, I thought maybe he’d like singing with the choir.  And I thought maybe if we started now in a few years he might be interested in actually singing along with a group, using the actual lyrics.  Since currently during choir practice he mostly practices pinching (he’s awesome at that) and asks if he can leave.  

Once, however, he sang along with the Ohhs – though not in tune despite his usually perfect pitch. 

Will never has willing gone up to the stand to sing with a group even though the primary children usually sing several times a year.  So I imagine my husband was surprised and well as concerned when Will stood up and tried to scoot past him.  My husband grabbed Will and held on.  Will finally sat back down.  … Then went the other way … over the family sitting next to us on the pew.  (No children were injured during his escape although some adults were squished.)

My husband followed Will up to the stand, the choir director looked at Will but bravely started.  My husband figured that Will probably just wanted to see the page number of the song they were going to sing and then would be willing to return to his seat but Will walked past the piano to the hymn number board.  There was a gap and the numbers needed to be moved up.  Will fixed it doubtless to the great relief of the congregation.

Later during singing time the children played a Wheel of Fortune game.  Will asked for a capital A.

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Eileen said...

This is so funny! At least it is funny reading about it after the fact, not being the parent trying to make sure he didn't detract from the choir number.

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