Wednesday, September 21, 2011

“Girls like boys who have skills”

I cajoled Brianne into taking Will for a walk around the neighborhood as part of our “Reduce the Mass of William” Campaign.  (Don’t give me grief – you would do the same if your twelve year-old was about double the size of your fourteen year-old!)  Will does not love to go on walks.

They had walked up the short hill and down the long when Will took off across the lawn towards a house.  Bri saw that the TV was on in the house and was worried that Will was going to burst through the door and sit down!  She grabbed hold of his arm.  “Will stop!”  She commanded.  He ignored her command and dragged her towards the door.  (He also has about 50 pounds on my fifteen year-old.)

He ran the doorbell.

Bri was embarrassed until my friend Cheryl answered the door.  Will looked at Cheryl.  He walked over to her car, opened the door and got in.  When Bri followed him, Will locked the door.  Cheryl looked at Will and went to get her purse.  She drove him home.

Brianne – point, set, match to Will.
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