Saturday, July 16, 2011

Raking in the Dough

Well, not really.  We had a garage sale.  We split the money five ways.  I would have shared with William but 1. He didn’t help at all (seriously, he didn’t even come outside to look) and 2.  He doesn’t care about money at all.  We each ended up with $22.  Six cars came.   I don’t think it was a garage sale weekend … but the best part was that after the sale was over we loaded up the van and took the fantastic stuff that was left to the Salvation Army.  So, my garage is partially emptied out.  Hurray!

My husband and I blew our part of the money taking the kids out to dinner.

1 comment:

Accidental Expert said...

Sounds like the garage sales I've had. I finally gave up and now just give things away.

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