Monday, May 31, 2010

"Little Boy"

Setting the Stage:  My husband took Lizzy deep sea fishing last Wednesday.

Background:  Lizzy is particular about what she wears. She’s been like this was since she was two.  She refused to wear any pants that didn’t have pockets and belt loops.  She prefers to wear huge tee-shirts and boy shorts.  I have a couple of friends with one girl and Lizzy gets all their hand-me-downs.  We pass on more clothes than she keeps.    She hates to have anything in her hair; so, I keep it cut in a bob.  It is a little shaggy right now because I want to grow out the layers in the back . . . . Well, it’s really because I’m lazy and she wants it longer.  

So, there they were on a BOAT!  Lizzy was wearing a tee-shirt, camouflage shorts and a baseball cap.  And TWICE . . . I say again, TWICE people referred to Lizzy as a boy.  As in, “What’s your little boy’s name?”

My husband’s response, “Lizzy.”

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