Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Middle School Plays

Jake was just in Grease at his Middle School.  They changed some things in the play but some of it was still cringe worthy; because the kids performing it were 12 though 14 years-old and it just seemed a little wrong.  Of course, I never liked the movie anyway.  I think I was probably one of the three kids in my school who didn’t like it – the other two were probably boys who protested being forced to watch a “girl” movie.  It’s not that I didn’t like Olivia Newton-John.  I did.  I think she was pretty and sang well.  And it’s not because I have highbrow tastes.  I loved Xanadu.  Yes, I mean the roller skating movie about Greek mythology!  I’ll admit I really liked it.  Wow, I’m a little embarrassed about that now, but I was probably only 10 when it came out and I loved mythology and roller skating.  And really, what could possibly be better than combining those two completely non-related things?   And now that I’m thinking about roller skating.  Did anyone else see the movie or TV show about an African-American woman with a fierce afro and a “do not mess with me because I will hurt you” attitude?  After robbing a bank she pressed a button on her shoes and wheels popped out and she skated away.  It was awesome!  I really wanted some shoes like that.  All we have now are heelys, but I think they are ugly. I remember some hot roller skating clogs from the 70s that were amazing and trendy.  Frankly, compared to them heelys lose.  I would buy the clogs and wear them even if I felt like a fool in them.  And bonus:  Will couldn’t outrun me!

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