Thursday, July 22, 2010

It’s Super Fun Here

My mother-in-law is here this week.  Unfortunately, my husband is at scout camp with Jake.  I know it’s great planning; but my father-in-law had a conference in Maine this week, and the date of Jake’s scout week was set by the troop.  So, I guess it was meant to be but it’s still a little sad.  My husband’s absence during at least part of the time we have visitors is kind of our family’s personal tradition.

Last year I planned activities for my kids and mother-in-law almost every morning.  I think I wore her out.  This year I went in the opposite direction.  I made her drink two green smoothies and sadly haven’t taken her anywhere but Target and BJs.  (Nothing but good times here!)  But between Lizzy’s 8:30-12:30 summer camp schedule, Will’s 8:00-3:00 school schedule, therapy Tuesday and Wednesday, a Wednesday grant writing seminar, swim meets on Tuesday and Thursday, swim practice Monday and Wednesday, a piano lesson, a private swimming lesson for Lizzy, a play date today.  I’m kind of busy.  Fortunately, Jake’s not here so I don’t have to fit in his summer camp, writing tutoring session (that takes 2 hours with drive time) and scouts.  

I’m done with summer.  Well, not really because I’m very excited for Will to learn how to ride a bike!

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