Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, We Didn't Go. Who Saw That One Coming?

I knew my husband wasn’t thrilled with the idea and when I heard him agree to help someone move at 2:00pm I knew we weren’t going. He said that he’d take Will and I could still go to the concert. But the thought of Will in a strange neighborhood with a distracted father gave me heartburn.

On the plus side I was home to watch my friend’s kids while she went and read a book at the ER. (She’s fine.) And Jake and Lizzy both had friends over. However, it’s my friend’s (who shall remain nameless) fault that I burned two pans of granola for the second day in row. Because I heard ER, jumped in the shower, then left my house, completely forgetting I was cooking something; until I returned home and saw the two partially charred pans of granola on the stove. Then my husband said to me, “I think if you burn any more it’s probably cheaper to buy it.”

Anyone want to come over for breakfast?

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