Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Dancers

A couple of weeks ago someone I know sent out emails asking people if they would host a couple of dancers for a couple of nights. I decided to help her out. So, on Monday night I drove over to Ashland High School and picked up two very cute dancers from the BYU Ballroom Dance Touring Team. But I couldn’t get the sound of Justin Timberlake saying, “We’re the dancers,” out of my head; so every time someone said “the dancers” I tried not to giggle. (Brianne started saying “the dancers” a lot!)

They were adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever been thanked so often for anything in my life! Even though I think staying at my house was different from other houses they’ve stayed at. For instance, my house was the only place where they had cold cereal for breakfast. (Seriously, they told me.) And Will woke up at 5:00am one of the mornings. (They assured me he didn’t wake them up -- although, I heard him.) And they got up early to go running (because dancing isn’t enough exercise) and got lost. They called their director who called someone else to get our phone number. Don’t worry, I found them.

On Tuesday, I decided that perhaps I should go to the show since the girls were staying at my house. Marcy went with me. It was really, really good! I guess that makes sense since the team is the reigning National Champions. When the team comes back again I’m taking all my kids to see them.

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