Sunday, May 24, 2009


This morning Will came up to me, handed me a CD and said “Church.”

I looked at him, decided if he really wanted to go to church he should wear something more than just underwear, and said, “Shower first.” He put the CD down and got into the shower. After we finished washing him he grabbed his CD and was ready to go. I told him to get some clothes on.

He was so eager to get to church than we hurried faster than usual. In the van I looked back at Lizzy. Clearly her hair wasn’t brushed, and my husband forgot to put anything in his hair. I tried not to worry about it because we would never win a beauty contest when compared to the rows of beautiful families, children with actual bows in their hair and coordinating outfits for children.

Bri’s hair always looks un-brushed five minutes after she brushes it. Lizzy won’t allow a barrette near her hair unless she puts it in or I put in four. (Not exaggerating! I put whatever she wants in her hair!) Jake wears his suit without a tie and his shirt is always untucked. And Will, well, Will has wore blue crocs to church for the last month.

And even if we weren’t unmitigated slobs, Will would attract a little attention. Today he decided to collect hymnals. He collected all the hymnals near us then ventured further. He knocked a man’s arm off the pew grabbing one, then stomped someone else’s bag grabbing another. It’s a good thing that he’s adorable with he sings.

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