Thursday, April 30, 2009

Philadelphia: Will Survived to the Great Rejoicing of All!

Last week during April vacation we went to Philadelphia. While there we went to one of the dumbest museums on the face of the earth, The Constitution Center. After going through it I only had one thought – “that’s 70 bucks I’ll never see again.” We went to Independence Hall Visitor’s Center and while we were talking to a lady at the counter Will disappeared. I turned around and he was gone. We looked around the building and outside for about five minutes then I told my husband to find a park ranger. Will had left the building, crossed a street and climbed into a horse drawn carriage. When he wouldn’t get out the driver called a policeman over.

We saw the Mint and the Federal Reserve (and I have a bag of cut up money to prove it). We went to the Reading Terminal Market to Amish watch for lunch. Then went back to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. At which time Will had his second near death experience. We walked outside the visitor’s center. My husband was holding a door open for a woman with a stroller. I went outside to see Bri trying to hold onto Will and him struggling to get away. A car whizzed by on the street, and then Will broke free and ran into the street. I ran after him. I didn’t look to see if a car was coming because I, quite frankly, didn’t want to know my death was eminent. But we both survived. All I can say about the rest of that day was at least it wasn’t my kid that got his knee stuck in the railing at Independence Hall! And that $35 doesn’t buy a lot of ice cream. We went to the Franklin Institute, which the kids loved, on Saturday morning; then drove out to Valley Forge.

To sum up my perceptions of Philly: most importantly, I answered the question of who makes the best Philly Cheese Steak – Pat’s. Even with Cheese Whiz on it. (I didn’t realize when I ordered it that Cheese Whiz was the default cheese because I don’t live in that universe – thank goodness!) But it was still better than Geno’s even though theirs had provolone. Secondly, there is a lot of horn honking -- MORE than in New York City. I think it’s a rougher city than Boston. Beautiful architecture; tons, tons, tons of traffic; I wouldn’t mess with the people though, because I think they’d kick my butt! Philly, I don’t think I’m woman enough to live there.


Anonymous said...

I lived in south philly for 9 months and miss those cheese stakes.


Life as the mother of 4 said...

Which did you like better -- Pat's or Geno's? I'll defer to the expert if you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, I enjoyed both. Plus I liked the simple corner vendors.

We finalized everything with the house, so now we wait for it to be built.


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