Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I've learned from William

William has taught me a lot of things over the past nine years. He taught me that achievements come with consistent work; that seemingly small accomplishments can be amazing. The desire to imitate others, to be with others is so important to our development. And everything is harder if you lack that.

He taught me that some people think if you can’t talk and don’t care to do what others want you to do they think you are retarded. But others can look at you and see ability and potential and that if effort is exerted that progress will be made.

I’ve learned that most people don’t talk to William directly. But there’s something special about the ones that do talk to him -- and there is no telling who that person will be. It could be someone who barely knew him and I would have thought was to successful to be bothered with him because he certainly doesn’t always give a lot back.

Will taught me how extraordinary normal, unimpeded development is. Someone goes from a jumble of cells, to a baby, to a child, to an adult seemingly capable of anything. But I’ve also learned that it’s ok to have small accomplishments: learning to dress yourself, going to the bathroom, setting the table, and reading -- all these things are amazing!

I’ve learned to deal with public humiliation. Things that would have send me scarlet-faced running into my house forever; now, after Autism, I can shrug off with my mantra “That’s the kind of mother I am.” I realize that it could always be worse. And sometimes it’s a lot better.

He taught me not to be timid about approaching people with disabilities.

William has taught me that an extraordinary number of people care about people with disabilities and are eager and willing to work with them although they could be doing something much easier.

I’ve learned to question authority. No, they are not always right. No, they don’t know better. If something damages my child the responsibility to care for the lifetime needs of that child is mine. So, I’ve learned to be a more active participant in your care.

And I’ve learned to be more patient and I hope a better mother.

Thank you.

I love you!


Mazo said...

Wow - I'VE learned a lot from that post.

I was interested in this one:
"Will taught me how extraordinary normal, unimpeded development is"

(almost) Everyone takes development for granted. Many people take most things for granted! I've been really trying to work on this in my own life. To be thankful for every good thing that happens - whether it seems tiny, or as big as an elephant.

Every accomplishment is important. Thanks for this inspiring post!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Thanks for your kind comment.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I'm still waiting for the patience to kick in ! But I have learned to be brave and fight for my kids in a way that I never expected. Thanks for taking part in Blog Gems x

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