Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eight Very Loud Girls

Bri had a slumber party on Friday night. I thought after Jake’s slumber party that it was only boys that were extraordinarily loud. I was wrong -- but not completely. But much like how a woman forgets how exquisitely painful childbirth is, at least enough to have another child, the mind protects itself against remembering what a pain in the butt having a birthday party for one’s child is!

I made cake balls for Bri’s cake but my cake balls did not look like Bakerella’s.

Saturday morning my husband asked me if a lot of the girls had taken showers. “No, none of them,” I replied. “Why?” Answer: Our hot water heater was leaking. Causing running around, mopping up with towels, trips to the hardware store and breakfast dishes not to be washed.

Flash forward a couple of hours; I realized Lizzy was missing her friend’s birthday party. So, I drove her out to Pump It Up in Shrewsbury We got there in time for cake. But that night as I tucked her in bed she told me that she forgave me. It was very sweet! She was a very good sport about the whole thing.

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