Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turning My Children Into Mush

Hugging Jake is like hugging a limp noodle. I grab him and he immediately becomes limp and three inches shorter. I’ve been working on making him hug me back. I know you might assume that my eleven year old probably just doesn’t like displays of affection from his mother; however, some things are non-negotiable. I get to affectionately tap my children’s bums and they must hug me on demand!

Last night when I grabbed Jake to hug him, he turned into a medium noodle. I told him to firm up. He sat on the couch, “I’ve got to calm down!” He said, as he slowly breathed in and out. After a minute he got up and hugged me. Then he started giggling and said, “Wait, I need a minute to concentrate!”

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