Monday, March 23, 2009

Charlotte’s Web

Bri and Jake were in a musical over the weekend. They’ve spent a lot of Saturdays over the last couple of months rehearsing. I lucked out that one of the cast members, who lives three minutes away, drove the kids most of the time. (I offered him Brianne’s babysitting services in return -- she didn’t mind because she loves his two-year old.) I felt bad that I didn’t help much with the play so a couple of weeks ago I asked one of the producers if I could bring something to the cast dinner. She looked at me with an exhausted look on her face and asked if I wanted to be in charge of it. I took a deep breath and said yes.

It didn’t involve much. I bought lasagna and rolls. I made green salad and brownies. But I have never been involved with planning dinner for a large group (sixty people) and it was emotionally stressful regardless of how much I reassured myself that it mostly involved shopping. I called my friend Cat two times from BJs to talk about salad and how much lasagna I should buy; and this after I discussed it with my husband and Marcy earlier!

The lunch was practice for the Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Will’s school which I volunteered Marcy to be in charge of. She in turn drafted me. Poor Marcy. She will rue the day she started hanging out with me!

But the musical was a success. My friend DK’s six year-old enjoyed it so much he jumped from his seat into the aisle and yelled, “YOU ROCK!”

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