Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preparing for Mexico

Marcy started swimming once a week at the Y and decided that I should start swimming too.  Since I do everything she tells me to do I went with her today.  But because I hate putting my face in the water I bought some goggles because I thought that would help.  Unfortunately, I had to buy two pairs because Will ripped off the foamy part of the first pair I bought.  I learned from this and he will have a harder time breaking the next pair.  I’m not saying impossible mind you merely that my new pair will be a little harder to break.

It’s surprising I went because 1.  I am not a very good swimmer (I took swimming lessons once when I was 12 -- roughly half a century ago), 2.  I’m not a fan of wearing a swimming suit in public, 3.  The aforementioned hatred of water in my face, 4. I’ve never actually swam a lap in my life, and 5. The only actual stroke I remember how to do is some sort of frog movement on your back.  However, we are going snorkeling in Mexico not to long from now (yes, I got my passport renewed so nothing can stop me) and I thought I should practice swimming.   

My conclusion from today is that 1.  I need more practice, 2.  It’s pretty funny when old women pass you, and 3.  I should hope that the hotel provides some sort of buoyancy device, 4.  It doesn’t matter what the rest of you looks like when you’re wearing an orange swim cap matched with blue goggles, 5.  My best stroke is the doggy paddle, 6.  I still hate putting my face in the water even with goggles and 7.  Understanding (granted from watching the Olympics) that you breath out underwater then turn your head and breath in doesn’t translate into having the actual skill.

But at the end of the day (10:48pm) I still want to go snorkeling in Mexico.  We went snorkeling on a cruise in the Bahamas and we liked if even though there was really nothing to see.  I can’t pass up the Mayan Riviera where I suspect there will be something worth seeing.

I am considering suing Marcy for enticing me to engage in an activity that she should have reasonably known would cause a shoulder injury (as well as an obscene amount of complaining) because at our Chinese Cooking Class tonight when I was cooking the cashew chicken, my shoulder hurt due to my vigorous doggy paddling earlier in the day.  I figure if she settles the lawsuit I’ll have spending money for Mexico.


Eileen said...

1. Practice your breathing in the shower. Blow air out your nose under the water, then turn and breath in through your mouth. You can practice every day! :)

2. You are bouyant in the ocean. As long as you have the flippers, you should be just fine. (Unless you are trying to walk in them on the beach. That doesn't work very well.)

3. Keep trying! It took Janette and I about 20 to 30 minutes to really trust that we could breathe under water with snorkel gear. But once we did, we had a blast.

4. Get a sarong (however you spell that). It makes being out of the water much more comfortable if you are covered. :)

5. Don't sue Marcy. She is doing you a favor. Wouldn't you rather be sore now than on your vacation?

6. Get an underwater disposable camera just for fun. Oh, and some waterproof sunscreen--the kind that is white and smears on like paste. It's really hard to blend in, but it works!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...


1. You don't always enjoy something new the first time you try it. Isn't that what we tell children when they don't like a new food.
2. Sore muscles are a sign that they are being used in a new (not BAD) way.

3. I think that you and Linda should take adult swim lessons together and face your fears/discomforts.

4. The Y has flotation devices available to use.

5. The next time we go, I will spend some time teaching you the basic crawl stroke. YES, THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

Anonymous said...

I can still do the side and back stroke ;) That is about the only thing I remember from our lessons back in the day.

Enjoy your trip.


Life as the mother of 4 said...

Since multiple people in my family expressed discomfort at my thought of getting some spending money from Marcy I will give up my lawsuit. (Are you happy now, dad?) Some of them even thought it would affect my relationship with her (whatever).

John and Sarah Thomas said...

I really enjoyed our lessons a quarter of a century ago. A fond memory of our childhood.
My parents are leaving for Mexico and Guatemala in about a month. They will be there the rest of the year.

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