Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Without Vaccine, Australia Shrugs Off Swine Flu.

I read a article in the Age of Autism about Australia. Here's the first part of the article. Finish it here.

"With no vaccine available for H1N1 flu, Australia recently ended its 2009 "Flu Season" (their Winter in our Summer), with 186 flu-associated fatalities of 36,991 Aussies confirmed having H1N1.

The Australia 2009 stats for regular 'seasonal flu' are not final yet, but their Health Dept literature cites annual flu-associated mortality historically has been between 2,500 and 3,000 in spite of universal vaccination programs for regular flu long being established."


Well, if only 186 people died from swine flu and over 2,500 people usually die from a regular flu strain. Does that mean that swine flu, so far, is a mild strain of flu? No, of course not! I must be wrong, after all government agencies all over the world have created mass hysteria and a special vaccine. They surely wouldn't have done that without a good reason!

Would they?

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