Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mike and Barbara

Last night two guys from our church came over. We were a little entertaining to say the least. I think Will’s latest stim is names. He walked up to them, pointed at the first guy and said “Mike.” He walked over to the other guy and said “Barbara.” My kids dissolved in laughter. After calling them Mike and Barbara for a while, he touched Mike on the chest and asked “Name?”


Then he pointed at Barbara, “Name?” He asked.

“Josh.” Will was so excited at the thought of more names he asked them to spell them. Merrill started spelling his name but Will wanted him to sign it while he spelled it. I signed it from across the room and Merrill copied my signs. Then it was Josh’s turn. Will found a piece of paper and wrote their names down.

The kids enjoyed their visit and, as usual, Will did streak by them on his way upstairs then hung out in his underwear for a while before they left. “Josh” and “Merrill,” Will said as they were getting ready to leave. “Barbara.” Josh corrected Will on his way out the door.

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